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Free Resume Templates

Designed To Give You That “Extra Something”

Professional, creative and modern templates that help you get done with your resume writing faster
…and look good doing it!

First impressions are everything. Our brain needs less than a second to decide if we find something attractive, likable, competent or trustworthy. So what story will your resume tell?

Make it a fancy one using one of our strategically-designed resume templates! Bold, sleek, chic and ninja-flip versatile, our templates were made with great attention to details (so that you won’t sweat over the design nuts and bolts!). Instead, you can just grab a free resume template, fill in the blanks, slap a good headshot and file your submission with confidence!

The Best Free Resume Templates to Download Now in One Click

Every little detail makes a big difference. So we polished these resume templates to purest perfection to ensure easy readability, top visibility for key information and brandable appearances. Go check ‘em out!





Crispy Green








A Quick FAQ On All Your Resume Musings (and More!)

Q: What is Included In My Resume Template?

A: Loads of love, creativity and a sprinkle of badassness (yes, this is a real word, we totally checked!) to help you present a fancy version of yourself to your potential employer. 

OK, on a more serious note, each template comes in MS Word format with all the design elements included. For each template, we also list the fonts used. 

Note: you may need to download some of them if they are not pre-installed on your PC. Check Google Fonts if you are missing anything! 

Q: How Long Should My Resume Be?

A: In 99% of cases you should be good with a one-page resume. Yes, that’s just enough space to pack in all your personal information, relevant to the position. Remember: you don’t need to list every single job you’ve ever had. Limit yourself to just the most relevant ones. 

The same goes for additional courses, certifications, and education. List your latest degree(s). Add coursework only if it demonstrates a skill the employer needs. Lastly, always take advantage of the sidebar section and pack your professional summary/bio with extra keywords, skills, and insights into your career and most notable accomplishments!

Q: What are The Main Sections of a Resume?

A: That’s an easy one! Every resume should include:

  • A short professional summary or resume objective 
  • A synopsis of your professional background and experiences that focus on achievements and accomplishments
  • Quick overview of your educational background, awards, professional memberships, etc.

Optionally, you can also have separate Skills section and Interests/Hobbies. These are nice “fillers” to draw a bit more attention to your personality and abilities. 

Q: How Can I Make My Resume Stand Out From The Crowd?

A: Grab one of our amazing free templates! Every other candidate will probably file a boring black & white resume. Opting for a fancier design will give you an edge for sure!

And here are several more tips we swear by: 

  • Always, think about the employer you are applying to!  Is it a traditional, middle-of-the-road, or progressive organization? The more progressive, the more color and unusual your resume layout can be. So choose a template that matches the “culture” of each organization. 
  • Even if the job is “artsy,” do not choose a font that is hard to read. It’s irritating, to say the least. Just use the fonts provided in our resume templates.
  • Pack your resume with keywords. You can “mine” them from the job posting and the corporate website.  Automated resume screening is almost a given today. So don’t let your resume get stuck in the purgatory. 
  • Never focus on your career goals too much. Instead, speak to the value you can bring to the company, especially in your professional summary at the beginning of your resume.
  • Place your achievements in the limelight. Use action verbs to explain what you’ve accomplished, rather than merely listing what you did at every job. Mix-in some numbers whenever possible to make your claims more authoritative!
  • Accompany your resume with a banging cover letter. Think of your cover letter as of a mouthwatering entrée that warms up the reader for the ‘main course’ — your resume! Keep in short and on point. Don’t recite your resume and instead narrate several other career highlights that showcase your expertise!