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Modern Resume Templates
That Get You Hired.

Do you know what resume designs get the most notice? We know! These modern resume templates are designed for the 21st Century – Check them out!

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Less Than Professional Resume
is not an Option.

If you have not already heard this, you are hearing it now. A resume reviewer (a professional recruiter or a company hiring manager) will spend an average of six seconds scanning the hundreds of resumes that cross his/her desk for every available position.

If yours does not stand out in that 6 seconds, it is trashed.

There is an art and a science to resume construction. Your expertise is in your career field, not in resume design. And this is the primary, and really only, reason why you cannot do this yourself.

Recruiters and potential employers want to be “wowed” in some way by the uniqueness of you and your resume – and it has to happen fast.

So, you can try to craft your own, which will probably look like hundreds of others, or you can find a template that speaks to you and your uniqueness. Which do you think is the better plan?

Using a modern resume template of course!

What Is Often Included
in a Resume Template .

Resumes contain much of the same basic information about candidates

  • A professional summary
  • A listing of background and experiences that focus on achievements and accomplishments
  • a synopsis of educational background, awards, professional memberships, etc.

What differentiates two very similar candidates is often the layout of this information – and that’s where the designed templates come in. What you want is a layout, colors, an attention-grabbing headshot or graphic, etc. that will look different to the reader – things that grab their eyes and make them want to read in more detail.

What you will find here is a large variety of templates, each of which has some compelling and engaging features. From these templates, you will be able to craft a compelling resume that presents the best side of you.

The listed resume templates are available in popular document formats. Download them, open your software and start customizing them. There’s no need to install or pay for additional fonts or graphics!

How To Make Your Resume
Stand Out From The Crowd.

You will find a large array of templates for consideration right here. But here are a few tips as you begin your customization from them.

Consider the organization to which you are applying. Is it traditional, middle-of-the-road, or progressive? The more progressive, the more color and unusual the layout can be. The opposite is true for conservative organizations. Choose a template that matches the “culture” for each organization. The same goes for graphics you select. You can be far more “liberal” in your choice for a tech startup than you can be for a bank that needs a programmer.

Even if the job is “artsy,” do not choose a font that is tough to read. It’s irritating to the reader. Just use the fonts provided in resume templates.

Always be certain that you have added keywords and phrases that come from the job posting or the organization’s website. Automated screening is almost a given today.

Never focus on your career goals too much. Instead, focus on the value you can bring to the organization, especially in your professional summary at the beginning.

Use action verbs and highlight your achievements, not your duties. Be proactive! Also, consider a format that is not chronologically-based but achievement-based instead. You can add the organizations and dates within the text.

Link to your website, portfolio, LinkedIn profile or any other digital information. You may have produced some amazing blog posts, for example, that demonstrate your expertise. You may be a valued contributor to an industry-related forum. You may have a published article.

Do not send your resume the first two days after the posting. Everyone else is doing this. Wait toward the end of the time frame. There will be fewer resumes at that time, and yours may get more attention as a result.

Accompany your resume with a cover letter. Keep it brief and on the point. State how you learned about the position and highlight your most important achievements. But don’t recite all your professional bio as you already have a great resume for that!