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Terms and Conditions.

Please carefully read and understand our terms of service. This page declares all the most common issues, concerns and matters which may result from accessing our website, using our resume templates or any other services that we may provide. Your continued use of this website means your full agreement to these terms and conditions.

All visitors and users of this website are bound by this agreement. To be part of this legally binding agreement and to recognize your accordance with such terms and conditions, it shall be deemed that you are legally aged and qualified. If not, you are considered to be using our services with the supervision of a legal guardian.

Although it is not compulsory for us to do this all the time, Fancy Resumes reserves the right to monitor your activities on our website. We also hold the right to prevent you from accessing our services, deactivate or terminate your account and/or based on our own judgment, provide important information including messages, communications or any content to relevant authorities/third parties in the event that we perceive that you have committed an action that infringes any pertinent laws or opposes this agreement.

At any given time, Fancy Resumes may amend or change the terms and conditions that are stated on this page. Your continued access and usage of this website means that you continue to agree to the changes that were made to these terms and conditions.


Accessing our website is free of charge but to be able to download our resume templates or use our services, resources or social media, you may be required to make a subscription or register.

If a subscription is needed, you may be required to send your complete name, email address and other related data.

Prohibited Actions

You will only use our website and our services for lawful purposes. This website does not allow abuse of third party rights, unapproved access or any illegal activities. You hereby agree that you shall not misuse or exploit in any kind of practice our resume templates and any other resources which may be found on this website. You will also not change, redistribute or disclose the content of this website in any kind of practice. You also agree that you will not commit the following practices:

  • Using any form of framing method to hide the brands, logos, trademarks or descriptions in our website.
  • Using our templates or services to acquire personal data, stalking people or leading them to malicious links.
  • Exploiting any data, application, network, system tool or any other feature linked to our services or harmful actions which may compromise the security and safety of our website.
  • Distributing content that is offensive, abusive, obscene, profane or anything that is obtrusive to the privacy or publicity of another person.
  • Using our templates or services to divulge encrypted/anonymous communications or any kind of practice that is akin to spamming in our website.

Fancy Resumes holds the right to deactivate or terminate your account permanently and prevent you from using our services as determined by us at our sole discretion.

Warranty Disclaimer

Fancy Resumes disavows any kind of warranty or representation to the highest level allowed by the laws and conditional to your rights.

The website as well as the views, reviews, guidance, endorsements, testimonials or service provided by any of Fancy Resumes’ employees does not give any assurance on the resume templates and other resources of their accuracy, authenticity, accessibility, reliability, merchantability or correctness in line with your expectations or partialities unless such warranty has been expressively stated within this agreement.

This website including our services has been created for the purpose of providing you information. You hereby agree that you hold yourself accountable for the risks which you may incur by using our services. Our templates are genuinely provided to you in good faith that it can help you in creating a professionally designed resume. We however do not claim license or authorization for those who will use these templates.

We hold no assurance that you will be able to access and navigate through the website without experiencing any errors, interruptions, bugs or viruses. We hold no guarantee that we can fix any of these issues or bring our services back immediately. We hold no liability for any damages which may arise from interruptions resulting from unforeseen circumstances such as website maintenance, technical restraints or changes in our services.

Trademarks and Exclusive Rights

All the resources, content and multimedia that may be found on our website are the property of Fancy Resumes, our collaborating partners or other respective owners. This is in compliance with the exclusive rights and trademark laws in Israel and international conventions.

For whatever kind of practice, Fancy Resumes does not tolerate misuse or exploitation of the resources and any other services we offer. Changing or removing our templates’ applicable proprietary rights notice, copyrights and/or trademarks is strictly prohibited.

Limitation of Liabilities

Fancy Resumes shall not hold any responsibility for any kind compensations including low incomes, financial damages, loss of goodwill, data, reliability, equability or any other intangible damages that possibly result by your ability or inability to make use of the resume templates we provide or any other services which you may avail from our website irrespective of the circumstances that such accountabilities may come about as a outcome of any forms of misrepresentation, violation, neglect of responsibility, breach of terms or legal responsibilities by Fancy Resumes or otherwise and the possibility of such responsibilities was already carried. Nevertheless, the boundaries of accountability are relevant to the degree that your jurisdiction allows.

Applicable laws

All the terms and conditions specified on this page are governed by the laws of Israel. The parties should submit only before the non-exclusive authority of courts in Israel.


You hereby agree to indemnify Fancy Resumes including our affiliates, subsidiaries, associates, service providers, directors, agents and employees harmless from any legal or administrative charges, penalties and incidentals which may result from the following:

  • Undertakings and negligence on our website.
  • Reliance on the content which can be found on the website such as reviews, views, opinions and recommendations.
  • Violation of these terms and the applicable laws.
  • Violation of third party rights in addition to intellectual property and copyrights.