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Our Review - Free Professional Resumes provides a nice range of resumes to download and customise, along with lots of free and valuable advice to help you get the most out of using them. There’s also a very informative blog on the site, with tips on creating a... [read more]

License Terms for our Resources
The following license terms and conditions apply when you download any of our free resume templates: You are allowed to alter or change the template according your own preferences. Abuse of these templates and any resulting damages however will not make [read more]

Why Career Planning Is Key for your Continued Success
It’s tempting to think that you only need to engage in career planning at the beginning of your time in the workforce. However, this is the wrong way to approach the entirety of your career; you’ve got to keep your career plans up to date and continuous throughout your work life in order to... [read more]

LinkedIn: the Worst Kept Secret to Advanced Career Networking
LinkedIn – it’s more than just a professional version of Facebook. Sure, many people might use it as just another online resource for searching for a new position or for keeping in touch with professional work contacts, but the truth is that the ability to use the site for advanced career... [read more]

Guidelines for Creating Your Resume Content
Writing a resume can be a daunting task – after all, you are relying on a piece of paper to provide the details about you that will at least land an interview. Since most of us aren’t accustomed to telling others exactly how great we are, it helps to have a better understanding of what your... [read more]

Interview Tips that can Help You Land the Job
Job interviews are difficult, but if you’re nervous or unprepared, they can become downright awful. The following interview tips will help you be prepared for your next interview, and may be that extra push you need to receive that job offer. Do Your Homework Preparing for a great job... [read more]

Why LinkedIn Is a Valuable Career Tool
Many people mistakenly believe that LinkedIn is a site for those looking for work, or hoping to change positions. However, it’s a fairly safe bet that the 364 million users currently on the website aren’t all looking for employment. It’s important to understand that LinkedIn isn’t just... [read more]

What Not to Do When Writing a Resume
When it comes to writing your resume, most people have a good understanding of what it does – it helps you get your foot in the door for an interview. However, there are a few things you need to avoid during the writing process if you want to have the best chances of making it to that first... [read more]

Top Five Worst Resume Mistakes
Your resume is the key to getting in the door of a great company. However, if your resume has any of the top five worst resume mistakes, it will end up in the trash every time. 1 – Spelling and Grammar Errors This is perhaps the worst resume mistake ever – especially in today’s... [read more]

Resume Objective Tips
If you ask employers whether they want to see an objective in your resume, the answers are often mixed. Some would rather they not be included, while others want to see it to make sure that your goals align with the company’s. However, some employers state that they often skip over objectives... [read more]

Five Ways to Trash an Interview
You already know that you can’t be late to an interview, you have to dress appropriately, and you have to be prepared. There are a few other things you need to know to make sure the interview goes well, and the following five things can trash an interview almost immediately. Interview... [read more]

Career Planning – Not a Once and Done Process
While many approach career planning as something that only needs to be done once, this just isn’t the case. Taking a hard look at your career, the direction in which it is moving, and your changing goals are all important pieces in the puzzle of your career. Hold an Annual Review As we... [read more]

Spicy Resumes: A New and Exciting Way to Design Your CV
Countless template providers can be found around the web, but the problem is that many of their designs are too commonplace. Spicy Resumes claim to offer a solution to this problem by capturing the attention of recruiters through special CV designs. Sounds promising, but can they really put an... [read more]

The Major Don’ts in Writing a Resume
If you've been submitting your CV to various companies and you’re not getting any return calls, then it may have a great deal to do with your resume. You may not know it, but you’ve perhaps been repeating common mistakes that have been adversely affecting your job applications. Below are... [read more]

Tips For Job Search While You’re Still Employed
Having a hard time finding a new job while you’re still employed? Seeking new career opportunities when you currently have an occupation can be very difficult especially when you’re trying to avoid being disrespectful to your current employer. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow... [read more]

Why Employers Are Not Getting Back to You?
Wondering why you’re not hearing back from employers you submitted your resume to? Finding a job these days is quite difficult and can be disheartening at times; however, not hearing back from companies is far worse. Not sure if you’re doing something wrong? Here are some of the most... [read more]

How to Deal with the "Why Do You Want to Work Here" Interview Question
“Why do you want to work here?” is a common interview question and is probably one of the most critical ones that you must answer well. Although there is no right or wrong answer to this question, the most... [read more]

Grooming Tips for a Job Interview
Your grooming is very important and is often a critical factor in a recruiter’s overall hiring decision. You may have all the experience and skills, but bad grooming can certainly impede the value of your qualifications. If you want to [read more]

Job Search Trends That You Need to Know
The job market has dramatically changed over the years. Employers have been riding on with the current trends in order to find the best candidates to fill-up their open positions. If you’re not aware on these trends then here is a comprehensive list to keep you updated: Group interviews are... [read more]

How to Improve Your Job Search Strategies When Results Are Unsuccessful
Already getting frustrated with job-hunting? If you’re getting unsuccessful results from your job search then there might be something wrong with your current approach or it needs some kind of tweaking. Here are some useful tips that can help you in further improving your [read more]

What to Do When Too Many Jobs are Listed in your Resume?
So you graduated from college more than a decade ago and you had a couple of jobs in your work history. This could become a problem especially for your resume as employers might easily label you as a job-hopper. What we have today is a job market that is very dynamic and an unstable economy that... [read more]

Video Resumes: Are They Really Effective?
Video resumes have become a growing trend in the recruitment industry but is this kind of self-marketing method really effective? One the positive side, it enhances the recruitment process as employers can easily determine an applicant’s personality and saves them time since they get a sense... [read more]

Complement Your Resume with a Strong Cover Letter
Nowadays, getting hired is not just based on qualifications anymore. Just getting an invitation for an interview alone requires a different level of presentation and if you come short then you have probably ruined your chances of getting hired for that position. It's all about the... [read more]

Best Free Resume Templates Around the Web
Updated: October 2016 If you want to match up to the standards of employers then putting up more effort is greatly needed. With the help of resume templates, this tedious and difficult task gets done easily since the entire work turn to be very... [read more]

Impacts of Having the Right Career Choice
One of the most significant decisions you have to make is choosing which career path to take. Finding the career that is well-matched not just with your character but also with your interests will allow you to be comfortable both financially and personally as it gives you a different level of... [read more]

Career Fair Tips for Fresh Grads
Is this your first time to attend a career fair since you graduated college? Below are some basic guidelines that you might find useful when you join these kinds of networking events. These tips are not really complicated and won’t even require any complex training in order for you to stand... [read more]

Find a Job Straight from Your Phone with a Job Search Mobile App
Technology has changed the way we do things and usually it’s for the better. What used to be a daunting task of finding job opportunities on newspapers and magazines has now been improved and made easier with the use a mobile phone or tablet. And to make things even easier, specialized apps... [read more]

How to Find Work After a Long Period of Unemployment
We have seen in a previous article that there are few details that should not be included in CV but it is also a proven fact that job hunters have a more difficult time finding employment when there are... [read more]

Career Tips to Help You Grow as a Professional
How does one define a successful career? Is it by having a job that provides a living or the number of years that you’re working in a company? Having a job and getting a good paycheck shouldn’t be the basis for defining your success. Rather than looking at the numbers, it should be measured... [read more]

Online Job Search: The More Productive Way to Find Your Dream Job
Did you know that the internet can be your best tool in searching for a job? Finding a job nowadays is not limited anymore to newspapers or printed job postings that can be usually seen on electrical posts. Just by... [read more]

Career Opportunities: How to Take Advantage of Your Internship
As graduation approaches, college students are expected to begin looking ahead to when they successfully transition from being a student to a worker. This transition isn't always easy and the path to full time employment is usually not as straight as many students would imagine at first. That's... [read more]

Helpful Tips for Introverts to Succeed in Their Job Search
Today's highly competitive and often intimidating job market is difficult for even the social butterflies among us to maneuver through successfully without feeling stressed or anxious. For the true introverts, those who are shy and would rather be by themselves than meet new people, job... [read more]

Useful Online Tools for Veterans Seeking Employment in the Private Sector
For military veterans or soldiers transitioning from active duty, employment can be a tough challenge especially now that the global economy is not in a good state. Statistics show that increasing unemployment rates include those leaving military service because they are having a hard time... [read more]

Details that You Should Not Include in Your Resume
You may not know it but you might be divulging too much information on your resume. Instead of making you more marketable to employers, the information that you might be including in your CV can put you into a disadvantage. Here are some details that... [read more]

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