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Cover Letter Ninjas' review

Our Cover Letter Ninjas Review – A Huge Collection of Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Ninjas states that it has a jumbo-sized collection of cover letter examples for a variety of roles, industries, and career levels. Their big ‘sell’ is to make cover letter writing easy-breezy. Let’s see if they live up to that promise!

Cover Letter Examples

They have an attractive landing page for cover letter examples. The first thing that catches the eye is a search bar, prompting to browse for what you need. I’ve quickly tested it using ‘designer’ as a job title and got suggested two relevant posts to check out. So far, so good.

Next, you can review the highlighted ‘best cover letter examples’. Every example opens up in a new window so that you can first review some writing tips and then see the sample itself in text format and as a downloadable Word file. I really liked the ‘download’ option as it allows you to stash the finds for later. Also, you can download all the sample cover letters for free and there seems to be no cap for that :).

Lastly, you can choose to search for cover letter examples by industry. Right now they have:

  • Education
  • Administrative
  • Marketing and Design
  • Entry Level
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • IT
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Social and Government Services
  • Career Change

I liked the ‘Career Change’ category that featured less standard examples for folks who want to switch industries or relocate.

In general, their cover letter examples collection is pretty decent. It looks like they’ve been adding new posts regularly, so it seems it will soon live up to the ‘jumbo size’ description.

Cover Letter Templates

The second main offering is a collection of free cover letter templates. You have 10 professionally designed templates to pick & choose. All of them are available for instant download in Microsoft Word format.

cover letter templates

I grabbed myself a copy of “Modern Cover Letter in Blue”. Upon opening it up I was pleasantly surprised to see a quick test prompting me how to write my cover letter instead of the standard lorem ipsum placeholder text. That’s actually helpful! And their “Jesse Ninja” as a dummy name cracked me up a bit. The team really did work on their branding.

The verdict? Their cover letter templates look very professional and since they are free, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab a few different ones and use them instead of a plain Word file.

A small draw: they explicitly state that the designs are for Word only, meaning that they may not open properly in other word processors. I tried opening one template in Google Docs and while it was displayed normally, the editing process is a bit clunky. However, it did work alright in Mac Pages.

How You Can Use The Templates

Like most people, I can get a bit suspicions when pitched a ‘good deal’ for free. So I’d wanted to make sure that there are no strings attached to using the templates. Cover Letter Ninja’s license terms are pretty clear.

Their templates are for personal use only. That means you can download and customize them as you please. You can also print or send them to employers digitally. However, you cannot sell them or re-publish online or otherwise attempt to profit from the freebies. Well, that’s fair enough.

Our Conclusion

It’s immediately noticeable that a lot of work has been put in the cover letter examples and templates. One of their ‘ninjas’ is a certified cover letter and resume writer, another one is a career consultant. Every sample comes with additional cover letter writing advice and those tips are on-point. The letters themselves aren’t generic and well-written.

The final ruling? Cover Letter Ninjas appears to be giving away much more value than you’d expect for free.

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