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job search while employed

Tips For Job Search While You’re Still Employed

Having a hard time finding a new job while you’re still employed? Seeking new career opportunities when you currently have an occupation can be very difficult especially when you’re trying to avoid being disrespectful to your current employer. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow to make sure you don’t run into any issues:

Don’t quit just yet!

It may be tempting to quit when you feel stressed out or when you’re not happy with your current company. However, never make a sudden decision unless you’re sure that there’s another one waiting for you. Securing employment these days can be laborious especially if you’re in an industry that is difficult to penetrate. Remember that having no work and no pay is tough, so make sure to keep your current position until you have more concrete options.

Never search while you’re working

You might be enticed to use your free time at the office to search for new job opportunities, but do your best to avoid this as it could backfire on you. No matter how cautious you may be, there’s a possibility that you may get caught by your boss doing something that is against company policies, such as talking to a recruiter over the phone. Not only can this be an embarrassing situation, but it could also jeopardize your current position. Make sure to always separate personal activities from the workplace environment.

Never tell anyone about your plans

You may have friends at the office with whom you can share details about your personal life; however, it’s not a good idea to divulge plans that involve looking for greener pastures. Office gossip spreads quickly, and before you know it, your boss may be asking you about your new plans. Keep such information to yourself and stay silent about anything that has to do with your work.

Be honest about your current position

No matter how bad your experience is with your current employer, never say anything derogatory about them as interviewers consider this negative. Give them assurance that it’s okay to call your employer for feedback. It can be difficult to divulge details regarding what’s lacking in your current job, but you can use it to your advantage. Turn the tables and tell the interviewer that you see such opportunity in the position you are applying for.

Don’t become lazy or inefficient

Just because you’re planning to leave doesn’t mean you have the right to become lazy and unproductive. You may have a host of reasons, but it is better to remain driven and maintain optimal performance until your last day. Parting with your employer in a friendly and professional way will enable to use colleagues as future references with the assurance that they will supply positive feedback.

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