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How to Improve Your Job Search Strategies When Results Are Unsuccessful

Already getting frustrated with job-hunting? If you’re getting unsuccessful results from your job search then there might be something wrong with your current approach or it needs some kind of tweaking. Here are some useful tips that can help you in further improving your job search and getting better results:

Make sure that all your self-marketing tools are updated

An updated resume is important but make sure to update the other marketing tools are essential for your job application. A lot of job-seekers tend to put too much effort on their resume and neglect updating their social profile which is what most recruiters now are usually checking out for hiring job applicants. Having an updated LinkedIn for example is a major advantage as it increases your online presence. So make sure to check all your self-marketing tools instead of putting all of your attention to your resume.

Be very brief and clear with your cover letter

A cover letter is made to introduce yourself and not as a restatement of your resume. The common mistake of most applicants these days is that they fail to recognize the real purpose of a cover letter and this can result into lengthy epistles that are sure to bore out employers. When you’re communicating with a recruiter you need to be concise and straight to the point sans the arrogant approach. The key here is to primarily put the important information on your letter without going overboard.

Stick to the status quo

Finding a job requires dedication so you need to stay on track for the entire process. Aside from practicing discipline, you need to have the perseverance until you finally get that job. That means being prepared with upcoming interviews, following up with your contacts, staying updated with the latest information and every activity that concerns your job application.

Don’t go for jobs that are not within your scope or position

It could be possible that you are going for positions that are not fit for your work experience. It could either be that you are over-qualified or under-qualified for the job. There’s also a possibility that recruiters are not able to comprehend the details of your previous work experiences resulting into a job mismatch. Make sure that you have a clear but concise description of your work history to get the relevant jobs that you are pursuing.

Don’t be dependent on job postings or recruiters

Just because you’re using modern technology to search for a job doesn’t mean that you can expect to have much better results instantly. Putting too much reliance on recruiters and job postings will only result into lost opportunities, which is why it is best to also include networking as employers nowadays are using this channel to fill-in their job openings.

The key to improving your job search techniques is that you need to be more attentive and observant. Evaluate what you have done because there’s a high probability that one of your tactics is not working and all it needs is just some kind of tweaking to dramatically improve the results.

Credits: Photo by Mikayla Mallek

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