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Five Ways to Trash an Interview

You already know that you can’t be late to an interview, you have to dress appropriately, and you have to be prepared. There are a few other things you need to know to make sure the interview goes well, and the following five things can trash an interview almost immediately.

Interview Mistake # 1 – Saying You Hate Your Current Job

While you might think you are just being honest, a job interview is not the place to bring up the negatives. If you are asked why you are applying, keep things positive and explain what you like about the new position. This is especially important if you’re applying for a similar job – hating it when working for one business won’t make the interviewer very sure of your fit with a new one.

Interview Mistake # 2 – Complimenting the Interviewer

During a job interview, avoid complementing the interviewer – not only can this be misconstrued as flirtatiousness, it can also make him or her uncomfortable. Additionally, you might come across as if you are sucking up, and that will trash the interview very quickly. Just keep these thoughts to yourself.

Interview Mistake # 3 – Not Asking Questions

Job interviews may seem as if they are all about you, but interviewers want to know you’ve done your homework and been paying attention during the interview. It is rare that you will spend an hour with someone and not have any questions about the information they’ve shared. While you don’t want to ask about vacation time or other benefits, you need to ask something – even if it’s why the interviewer enjoys working with the company.

Interview Mistake # 4 – Asking About Pay

You should never be the first to bring up pay during a job interview. This makes it seem like all you care about is the paycheck, rather than the job itself. Every interviewer knows that pay is important, and many will bring it up at some point. Your best bet is to wait until you’ve received an offer of employment.

Interview Mistake # 5 – Trashing a Former Boss

While you may think your previous boss is a lazy idiot, never say this during a job interview! This is one of those trick questions that interviewers use to see how you handle difficult and sticky questions. If you are asked about giving advice, make sure to keep it professional – bringing up specific situations will only lead to the interviewer thinking you might be difficult to deal with as an employee.

These five mistakes can have a significant impact on a job interview. Most potential employers have to spend hours interviewing potential new hires, and committing one of these blunders is a surefire way to make sure you are passed over for a candidate that doesn’t annoy them during the interview process.

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