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strong cover letter

Complement Your Resume with a Strong Cover Letter

Nowadays, getting hired is not just based on qualifications anymore. Just getting an invitation for an interview alone requires a different level of presentation and if you come short then you have probably ruined your chances of getting hired for that position.

It’s all about the presentation

In most cases, you are just as qualified as anyone else for a job position and how you present yourself will determine whether or not you get hired. Other than your resume, the most powerful marketing tool that you need to work on is your cover letter.

What makes a cover letter so special?

A cover letter is the accompanying memo that comes with your resume. This is your formal way of introducing your intent to submit your application with a good but short explanation as to why you should be considered for the job. It’s the one element that should get the attention of the recruiter in order to convince them that you are the right person for the job.

So how can you write a good cover letter that will compel recruiters to review your resume? Here are some basic guidelines that you need to follow:

Make it short

One of the basic rules in writing a cover letter is to make it brief yet substantial. A lengthy letter is sure to bore out recruiters and there’s even a high probability that they won’t continue reading it once they notice that there are too many texts. Try to fit in all the important details in within 2 to 3 short paragraphs and write it as if you are actually speaking to the reader in person.

Keep the professionalism

The problem with most applicants these days is that they often forget to practice professionalism even with their cover letters. Their writing approaches can either sound informal or reserved. Keep in mind that your letter will reflect your attitude so make sure to show your good character and while still keeping your stature. The best way to approach is to persuade your reader by selling yourself without being too insistent.

Don’t brag about yourself!

Some cover letters go directly into the trash bin because they are simply full of swagger. Remember that this letter is made not to brag about yourself but to persuade an employer to hire you. Sure you can cite your skills and your abilities but be sure that it is mentioned to benefit the company and not just you. The key is to market your strengths while still keeping it in a persuasive level.

Be trustworthy

The job market is always on the lookout for the most trustworthy applicants and with the help of your cover letter, you can effectively show them that you are the one that they badly need. When you write that letter, try your best to sound like a person that they can trust. Use the right words to show that you are dependable and that they can rely on you to do the job.

These guidelines are very easy to follow so do not stress yourself when drafting your resume cover letter. With just a few strokes and the right choice of words, you will be able to demonstrate a positive image of yourself that will make you a hot commodity and have employers and recruiters clamoring to interview you.

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